Medium Breeds


Designer Dog; Blend of a Boston Terrier and a Beagle; Temperament: Friendly, compassionate, and curious; Good with children; Average life span: 10-13 yrs.; Average weight: 20-40 lbs. 


Border Heeler

Designer dog: Border Collie, Blue Heeler Mix; Requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation; Temperament: Demanding, playful and energetic; When bored, they tend to display destructive behavior; Average life span: 12-15 yrs.; Average weight: 35-50 lbs.

Cocker Spaniel

Good with children; Requires more grooming than most dogs; Love playtime and fast walks; Temperament: Gentle, smart and happy; Average life span: 10-14 yrs; Average weight: 20-30 lbs.

Currently Unavailable 


Male 15423   Male 15424    Female 15425



English Bulldog

Good with children; Temperament: Stubborn, loyal, kind and gentle; Good with other animals; Hip Dysplasia and heart issues are common health concerns; Average life span: 8-10 yrs.; Average weight: 40-55 lbs.


Female 15406                 Male 15407


   Male 15409   

French Bulldog

Commonly known as a "Frenchie"; Great with children; Temperament; Calm, patient, affectionate; Can have separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time; Average life span: 10-14 yrs.; Average weight: 16-28 lbs.


               Male       Male           

              15289     15283            

Husky Inu

Designer dog; Mix of Shiba Inu and Mini Husky; Temperament: Energetic, active, clingy, and sometimes needy; May not be good with children;  Average life span: 12-15 yrs.; Average weight: 18-30 lbs.

Currently Unavailable 

Female 15426            Male 15427

Mini Goldendoodle 

Designer dog; Blend of a Golden Retriever and a  Mini Poodle; Temperament: Friendly, trustworthy, smart; Highly trainable; Average life span: 10-15 yrs.; Average weight: 15-35 lbs.

Mini Woodle

Designer dog: Cross between a Poodle and a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier; Temperament: Smart, easy to train, friendly and stubborn; Good with children; Average life span: 12-15 yrs.; Average weight: 20-45 lbs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgie

Not good with small children; Temperament: Smart, outgoing, loyal, protective and easy to train; Tend to overeat; Needs lots of exercise; Average life span: 12-14 yrs.; Average weight: 22-31 lbs.

Currently Unavailable 


Designer dog; Blend of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky; Temperament:  Very smart, loving, friendly, energetic and playful; Not always good with young children; Average life span: 13- 15 yrs.; Average weight: 20-30 lbs.


Currently Unavailable 

Currently Unavailable 


Designer dog; Blend of a Pug and a Beagle; Temperament: Playful, wants to please; Good with children; Average life span: 12-14 yrs.; Average weight: 15-30 lbs.

Designer dog; Cross between a Mini Schnauzer and a Dachshund; Temperament: Loving, loyal, and curious; Good with children; May be cautious with strangers; Average life span: 12-15 yrs.; Average weight: around 30 lbs.

Currently Unavailable 

Female 15263

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Hypoallergenic; Requires patience and constant and consistent training; Become easily overheated; Needs lots of exercise; Temperament: Happy, stubborn, and friendly; Average life span: 10-13 yrs.; Average weight: 31-44 lbs.

Currently Unavailable 

Currently Unavailable 

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